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Aircon Servicing (cheap & good)



We specialist in Aircon Servicing, Installation, Relocation, Dismantling, Ducting Unit & Troubleshooting. You name it, we do it. Customer Aircon Choice (Y) Feel free to PM/Message/Call us & our friendly CS will attend to you. Below are some of our servicing rates for your view. Split unit charges:- General servicing:- Cleaning of air filters, cleaning of plastic covers, cleaning of blower wheel, clearing of drainage pipe, checking for defects 1 unit - $40/unit 2 units - $25/unit 3 units and above - $20/unit Gas top up: R22 - $50 R410A - $80 Empty - $80/$120 respectively Chemical wash:- Cleaning of air filter, cleaning of plastic cover, cleaning of blower wheel, clearing of drainage pipe, checking for defects, chemical wash with cleaning sanitized, removal dirt from cooling coil 1 unit - $80/unit 2 units - $70/unit 3 unit and above - $60/unit Chemical overhaul:- Process of throughout cleaning, dismantling all parts of the aircon and clean throughly using chemcial 1 unit - $130/unit 2 units - $120/unit 3 units and above - $110/unit Portable unit:- General servicing - $80 Top up gas - $120 Chemical wash - $120 Repair - $150-300 Installation - $60-$100 Casement unit/window unit:- General servicing - $80 Chemical wash - $160 Consultation fee: $30/visit ***however, charges will be waived if any repair work/servicing is carried out What are you waiting for? PM us now!! Hp: +65 90448868 Tags: cheap aircon servicing, top up gas, promotion, cheap & good, aircon, servicing, installation, ducting, portable aircon, gas

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2019 Oct

there was a bit delay but they prompt us immediately. the service is great and they will communicate with you after the service and suggest further service if your unit needs it. very satisfied!