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  • lamseowping

    Very responsive and on time to provide the service. Did a check and gave good recommendation and honest feedback. Did not push services that will not last and I really appreciate that. Will definitely engage them for future services.

Aircon Servicing Services 📞 91795177


1 year ago by airconspec






Our company specialised in aircon service so rest assured that the technicians sent to you are QUALIFIED technicians whom are EXPERIENCED that can solve all your aircon issues such as not cold/ water leaking/ not working / etc. Tired of engaging company who provide cheap services but uses cheap and unqualified workers who does not solve your aircon issue? Look no further! Call us at 91795177 or PM us for more details and arrange for an appointment :) 1. General servicing - S$25 per unit (min. 2 units) Cleaning of fancoil cover, filter and vacuum of drainage pipe. For water leaking issue please refer to chemical and steam cleaning/ chemical overhaul. 2. Chemical wash $45 per unit (min. 2units) Chemical cleaning of cooling coil to improve coolness of the aircon due to blockage at cooling coil 3. General + Steam and chemical wash - S$60 per unit (min. 2 units) (3 for $150) (For aircon issues such as water leaking/ sweating on trunking/ aircon not cold/ no air or irregular airflow/ blockage / foul smell, etc) We use pressured steam and water spray to flush the fancoil. Benefits: - cheaper alternative than usual overhaul which cost $150 to $180 per unit - steam cleaning kills bacteria that grows in the fancoil due to moist environment 4. Chemical Overhaul (chemical with dismantle) S$150 per unit (Serious blockage and foul smell & for aircon which have not been serviced for a long time) Dismantle the whole fancoil unit for thorough chemical washing. 5. Gas top up - from $60 For window unit and window casement overhaul $150 per unit tag: aircon servicing, air-conditioner servicing, aircon maintenance, air-conditioner maintenance, aircon repair, air-conditioner repair, aircon package, aircon cleaning, window casement air-con, window unit, cleaning, steam cleaning, air-conditioner, airconditioning, cleaning, spoilt, fancoil, air-con, water leaking, not cold, repair Our technicians have more than 15 years experience to solve all your aircon issues


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lamseowpingVery responsive in arranging the appointment and more
2 months ago
rhuang84Thanks for the service. You guys have helped to more
4 months ago
xporter.sgTechnicians knew what they were doing. On time more
5 months ago