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Aisan Top Team VIB Lip Glaze (MATT) #1 - Lovely pink #2 - Sweet Orange #3 - Glamour rose red #4 - Queen red #5 - Pumpkin (NEW) - Not stick to the cup, waterproof - 24 hour long lasting - Not rub off - Light and moisture - The use of natural plant extract absolutely safe to use - High-end quality low prices - Showing a velvet matte makeup effect - Is a must for every girl - High color display capabilty The special texture of Aisan Top Team VIB Lip Glaze , make it color displays capability better than most of lipstick. Basically lip glaze paint on the lips, unless you want a flaming effect, otherwise you don't need to spend much time to draw a beautiful lip color. - Long lasting effect Aisan Top Team VIB Lip Glaze normal touch does not fade even kiss.if you forgot to fix your make up,you will be embarrassing with mottled lip,so a long lasting and strong coverage Lip Glaze is definitely your good helper. - Friendly user sponge head Ordinary lip stick have many head shape,its have a difficulty for new user to paint the corner of the mouth,not easy to fitting curve.VIB lip glaze sponge head really frienly user and fitting curve, relatively small and suitable to paint out delicate lip outline. - No picky lip state Lipstick texture mostly can be divided into matte and moist, the have a special requirements lip for matte lipstick , if there is peeling phenomenon on your lip, its will lead your makeup becomes very cheap feeling. If you use the VIB Lip Glaze it can perfectly cover it.

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