Aj Chamnan Wongthai - 1st batch Tokatar Thong Duu Rok


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Item : 1st batch Tokatar Thong Duu Rok Master : Aj Chamnan Wongthai & co-chanted by Grandmaster Keow Manee Year : 2555 Batch info: 1st batch of Tokatar Thong Duu Rok (golden child sucking umbilical cord) Be2555 consecrated by Aj Chamnan Wongthai & co-chanted by Grandmaster Keow Manee. Aj Chamnan is the 2nd generation of LP Tae of Wat SangNgam lineage. His master, Aj Arpeechak whom is a direct disciple of LP Tae. This batch uses the exact formulae, procedure and materials that was taught by LP Tae. In fact most materials that are scarce nowadays are being kept by Aj Chamnan for more than 20 yrs. The purpose of this batch is meant to make merits for donations to temples, schools and hospitals etc for gaining baramee for the masters, the Golden dolls and the devotees. Aj Chamnan is very confident that this batch of Golden dolls will have good experience due to the fact of his mystic powers & also having GM Keow to assist to perform 'Sakyant wicha' on them. Golden Dolls are slightly different from normal KMT. They are tamed, have baramee, will follow the instructions of their owner, help them when being requested. They will follow the owner when being summoned and will not create havoc or fear to the owner but rather like HPY letting you feel it's presence when required. Effect: • Protection against dangers and negative energy • Easier to find help from people around • Help with obstacles in life, resolve and remove them • Improve overall luck for better fortune • Bestow success to devotees in all areas of daily life • Grant devotee's wishes *Unworn condition with thick plastic casing 💰 Renting price at only $98/- ✉️ Postage within Singapore only $2 for normal mail (at your own risk) Add $4 for registered mail Self Collection at Bedok