Ajarn Ngo Kim Khoy Wat Makham - Ah Pek Rong See Roop Lor (Gelaitong)


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Item : Ah Pek Rong See Roop Lor (Gelaitong) Master : Ajarn Ngo Kim Khoy (Ah Pek Rong See) [吴锦溪仙] Temple : Wat Makham, Sala Nathi Tong Siri Year : 2521 Effect: • Help in creating business opportunities and sales • Bring abundance wealth & prosperity • Improve luck and fortune • Easier to find help from people around • Balancing of 5 elements, improve wearer's daily life experience • Enhance positive energy immensely • Grants wishes and helps you achieve your aims • Bring unexpected windfall, 4D and gambling luck Biography: Ajarn Ngo Kim Khoy (Ah Pek Rong See) [吴锦溪仙] Born: 2440, Shanghai China Death: Sunday 16th January 2526, aged 85 Temple: Wat Makham, Sala Nathi Tong Siri Like most early Thai-Chinese settlers, Ajarn Ngo left China for Thailand at a very young age of 10 to seek a better future during the turbulent times in the Qing Dynasty when political invasion and unrest from the Western countries causes rebellion. He worked in the rice mill and when he reaches the legal age, he went into a joint venture and started his own rice mill in Pak Khlong Bang Pho currently known as Bang Dua Pathum Thani He was married at aged 22 and had 10 children: 1. Mr.Siamchueng Sombunthira 2. Deceased 3. Mr Thanit Thongsiri 4. Deceased 5. Mrs Yupha Saetae 6. Mr Rat Thongsiri 7. Mrs Yuphin Phinyochip 8. Deceased 9. Deceased 10. Mrs Yuwadi Thongkhampan When business expanded and Ajarn Ngo opened his very own mill opposite the Pak Chiang Rak Temple Shrine in the Bang Kadi district (very near to the Don Meung Airport). He was granted Thai Citizenship and changed his name to Mr. Natee Thongsiri. When the mill operations improved and going smooth, people recognise him and start calling him “Towkay Kim Khoy” or “Pek Kim Khoy” to respect him and his status. During that time it was common for flood to occur and rapid waters of Chao Phraya River damaged a small wooden shrine which locals called “San Jao Por Pu” and Chinese called “Gong Ma Shrine”. He spent time and effort in restoring the shrine and mingle with the locals at the shrine regularly, often greeting everyone with humility despite his status. Very often people come to him to seek his guidance when locals mingled and know he is adept in the arts of Feng Shui and divination, helping locals to advert problems and improved their lives. Thus he gained the utmost respect and trust from the local people. Back then transportation was not well established and people often travel by boat on the river. This made the restoration works tedious and despite that, Ajarn Ngo carried out his task of transporting materials continuously without fail. He was so kind and thoughtful that he would use the boat to transport local devotees at the shrine along the river to various destinations. His action touched and moved many locals to chip in and contribute to the restoration of the shrine, what was formally a small damaged local shrine has become a larger beautifully restored Temple Shrine. In addition to the restoration of the shrine, he was also appointed by locals to host the annual shrine celebration festival which falls on the first 4 days and nights of the 8th lunar month. It has since been celebrated every year even till today. There were a few celebrations that were forecasted to have major storm and downpour and during the celebrations people can see the heavy clouds overcasting the temple, Ajarn Ngo would light some incense and made some prayers to ward off the rain. Miraculously those who were present witness his amazing ability to control the weather; some people even claimed that Ajarn Ngo has the ability to communicate with the deities and in this case the Dragon King. It was believed by the local devotees that bearing the imprints of the temple stamp/chop is like having the presence of Ajarn Ngo and the Temple Shrine itself with you. Soon news of his miraculous abilities spread from locals to the commercial traders who came to seek his guidance and when their lives improves, the confidence and faith from the devotees grew and they begin to call him “Huay Lang Hsien” which means Lottery Deity. He was recognised by the traders of the Chinese community so much so that many went to seek his advice and even invited him back to their offices to seek his guidance in Feng Shui. He was so approachable that even foreign businessman came and booked a plane for him to travel, but his only request was for betel nut throughout the journey and nothing more. He did not accept any other form of compensation and helped people selflessly. The famous of which is the story of the founding members of the CP Group Thailand, the processed food giant and operator of 7-11 stores throughout Thailand. It was revealed by the descendants that their forefathers seek guidance from Ajarn Ngo and through his wiccha and divination they are able to grow from a small meat and vegetables importer & exporter into a large corporation they are today. He was respected and people called him “Ah Pek” or “Hsien Pek” to revere him. In 2518, Ajarn Ngo called for the construction of a new building structure for the Shrine by adding an Octagon (8-sided) structure made of wood. This is in relation to Feng Shui and resembles the Taoist “八卦” and wood as a one of the five elements in Feng Shui to counter balances the elements. It was said that everyone who participated in the building project from businessman to housewife and even children will benefit from the merits and effects of the Feng Shui placement. Everyone from all walks of life contributed to the building fund and a whopping of more than 700,000 baht was raised, the project was completed within a year in 2519 and the Opening Ceremony was held on 15th February 2519. Ajarn Ngo continued to help and guide faithful devotees till aged 85 at the end of 2525 when his health is declining, he was admitted to the hospital. He passed away on the morning of January 16, 2526. Before his death he told his disciples to not mourn over his death and continue his work in helping others selflessly. After his funeral, his disciples with the support and help from the locals erected a Shrine for him “ศาลานที ทองศิริ”and allow the faithful to continue seeking his guidance and help. 💰 💰A very special promo price, PM to enquire 👍 ✉️ Postage within Singapore only $2 for normal mail (at your own risk) Add $4 for registered mail Self Collection at Bedok