Ajarn Prakong Very Famous 5 Codes Silver Takrut.E 2558


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Famous Mont Seneh 5 Code Love Tarkut. Highly Sort After and are Rare Now. Takrut is REAL SILVER. Master: Famous Mont Seneh master.  Achan Pakong Runcharoen was born on October 31, 2482 (1939) This is Archan Pakong hand write Takrut Puwon Ganpai. This Takrut was made to brings great auspicious, good business(wealth), great luck, Metta Maha Saney, Metta Maha Niyom for the owner. This Takrut mainly consecrated for Metta (personal attractiveness). After the takrut has been written and consecrated by Archan Pakong thru special session. Naturally attract the opposite sex and have a satisfying love life. Not just go after someone, but have the opposite sex chase you instead. Make a woman become emotionally dependent on you. This is essential if you want her to fall in love with you. You get to catch a girl's trust, attention and attraction, more than anything else. Change your self confidence, for good, so that you no longer feel anxiety, self doubt and nervousness when approaching women and starting conversations. Instantly makes any girl feel special, and makes you irresistible. To attract woman, Like Bees To Honey, and seduce absolutely beautiful women. You get to develop great charisma and become a lot more sexually attractive. More interest, eye contact and “look-backs” from women. Thus this Mont Seneh love tarkut is also highly sought after by many friends. This 5 code Mont Seneh tarkut is also very rare compared to the oftenly seen 2 and 3 code. It is personally written with 18 lines of the Mont Seneh love yant by Ac Pakong and blessed by him for a solid 6 months upon request rather than the usual 3 months for the maximum effect. Due to Ac Pakong's popularity, old age and overwhelming demand for his famous signature tarkut, it is almost impossible to restock this famous 5 code tarkut with his maximum period blessing. The famous 85 years old Ac Pakong is the only recognised living disciple of the late Puwon who was the creator of this Mont Seneh love tarkut (性爱符管). His famous Mont Seneh love tarkut had proven to improve the P.R, charisma, loving kindness, attraction and also relationship of many devotees of his. It had also proven to strengthen the relationship of many others who face repeated cycles of weak and broken relationship. Maha Amnaj, Magical knife, Mitmor, Mit Mor, Mai Tao, Tongkat, Pen Mit Mor, Magical Stick, Mai Kru, Maikru, Phor Than Thit, Chao Khun Onn, Tok Raja, Phor Than Lek, Chao Khun Chan, Than Dum, Chao Khun Eak, Than Boon Tham, Than Noon, Achan Pochai, Phra Maha, AC Chum, LP Kalong, LP Garlong, LP Erp, LP Chek, Parker Pen Mit Mor, Bullet Takrut, Bullet Amulet, Kongkrapan, Maha Ud, LP VaeGai, LP WaKai, AC Ord, Pra Ajarn Ord, LP Aut, Archan Odd, LP Sakorn, LP Sin, LP Pern, Protection amulet, Mahararuay, Chang Pasom Klong, Takrut NangSer, Tiger Takrut, Phra Lak Nah Thong, lp Garlong, LP Karlong