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Item Code: AK615* 5 pairs per box Top model Grace’s favourite – Honey Sweetheart, Japanese Big Eyes effect. Transparent Stem and lashes are longer at the outer corner of your eyes. The thick and black designed lashes make eye makeup more stunning. These lashes have strong eyes enlargement effect. Length: Front – 0.5cm End – 1.1cm Why You’ll Love it 100% Handmade in Japan Lightweight You may put on 2 layers or even 3 layers of the lashes without your eyes feeling heavy. Quality assured by Japan High temperature and Gamma rays are used to sterilize all products, therefore, reusable. However, for hygiene purpose, it is recommended not to re-use more than 3 times. False lashes that is so much similar to your own eyelashes Built on the qualities of international brands’ false eyelashes, and improve lashes using Japan’s most advanced handmade and testing process. You are unable to differentiate between your own eyelashes and AK’s false eyelashes. High quality Soft and comfortable, long but natural. Designed through feedbacks of Top models’ designers Combination of US-Euro and Japanese style: Natural, cute, sweet & sexy. The length and thickness is most suitable for Asian’s eyes shape. Highly recommended by Taiwan famous Beauty Variety shows, and KEVIN老师, widely used by Taiwan bloggers, Top model Grace & Jolin Tsai etc! <女人我最大,台湾部落客狂推,名模Grace, 名媛孙芸芸, Jolin蔡依琳,侯佩岑,王心凌爱用品牌!> Directions for use: 1) After applying eyeshadows and eyeliners. 2) Curl your own lashes with eyelash curler. 3) Apply a coat of mascara. 4) Trim the 2 ends of your false eyelash. 5) Massage your false eyelash gently. 6) Trim your false eyelash to fit the length of your eyes. 7) Either using your hands or a false eyelash aid to pick up the false eyelash and apply lash glue along the roots of the eyelash, when the glue is half dry, a little translucent, affix the false eyelashes as close to your own lash line as possible. 8) Hold the false eyelashes on the root of your natural lashes adding a little pressure on it. 9) Apply another coat of mascara so that your natural lash and false eyelash stick together. #Falseyelash #fakeeyelash #lashes #AK #JAPAN #MADEINJAPAN #JAPAN #假睫毛 #Taiwanbeauty #eyemakeup #cosmetic

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