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Selling top of the line & flagship models Astell & Kern AK380 black with matching AK amp + JH Audio Layla 2. These are the reference for true audiophiles. Astell & Kern is the world leader in portable digital audio player. JH Audio is the numero uno in iem. All the world's best musicians are using iems made by JH Audio. There is no equal to this pairing of dap, amp & iem. This is the best of the best head-fi setup for personal portable music for listening to pure music on the go. This combination will put you immediately at the top of the league of audiophiles/connoisseurs. You will need to spend $100,000 in home hi-if to achieve the same sound quality. The total value of this combination is $10,000. The retail price of the AK380 + AK amp is $6,000. The retail price of the Layla 2 is $4,100. Now selling at a huge loss at $5,000 In excellent condition as they have been well cared for. Locally purchased with full retail packaging. Just over a year old so warranty is over. Some hairline scratches can be seen under close inspection but don't expect showroom condition. Only for serious buyers. If you don't know your stuff, go look for cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Prefer to sell as a set. For those looking to buying individual items, offer me. You know the retail prices so be respectful to yourself when you make your offers. Not looking for trades. Priced to sell. This is not a fire sale so don't lowball or I will shame you here in carousell. Deal in Bukit Timah. Tags: ak240 sp1000 tralucent FitEar shure se846 wm1z wm1a tia fourte forte Sennheiser unique melody noble 64audio toxic 1960 rhapsodio chord dave mojo ultima Rolex submariner Patek ap Hermes Audemars Piguet Hublot cartier richard mille lange panerai daytona leica Bose MacBook Pro touchbar gtx 1080 1070 MAC mini aftershock rog noctilus m9 m9p m240 m10 razer blade razerblade katana maestro predator kann retina macbook xps breguet sinn chanel vuitton ducati bmw m5 salvatore ferragamo jlc jaeger lecoultre tudor big bang bigbang a.lange royal oak tiffany panthere santos 100xl americaine frank mueller reverso dior luminor pasha bvlgari platinum sea dweller hermes iwc corum sea-dweller seamaster tumi diagono gucci macbookpro copper ak380ss 380ss ak380cu 380cu 240ss ak240ss redwine red wine mod mezzo soprano mezzo-soprano k10 k10u kse1500 kse lcd abyss wagnus focal utopia jomo titanium he1000 stax orpheus sonorous audeze sr009 sr-009 hifiman grado ps1000e obravo eamt-1s vmoda v-moda crossfade andromeda campfire jupiter lola angie jerry harvey mcintosh krell maxx scala devialet linn burnmester alo sonus faber luxman meridian chord diablo dave atmos b&w roksan coda psb esoteric copland soundcraft bang & olufsen cary kef auralic rega mark levinson tt jbl beolab apogee naim dali koa gibson fender stratocaster les paul j200 hummingbird humming bird dove ovation montblanc mont blanc dupont cordon bleu dom perignon Michelin vsop henessey black label blue label johnny walker scotty cameron hd800 bowers & wilkins pro-v pro v prov1 v1 v1x callaway threshold jadis musashi thiel isotek kennerton odin questyle 009 sacd ss sonos goldmund mass-kobo kojo mass kobo flamenco phantom neumann Cerwin-vega cerwin vega esoteric woo hugo layla2 chario dita dream truth magnepan kaiser encore fostex LCD-3 LCD-4 LCD-2 roxanne ciem kaede mrspeakers ether Netflix premium mrspeaker westone kimble kimber jhaudio beyerdynamic kumitate opus opus#2 800s hd800s qp2r cayin burson yba quad totl spotify premium tidal Apple litz silver gold plated platinum copper dhc double helix parrot zik 2.0 3.0 iphone7 iphone iphone7+ 7+ 6+ 7plus 6plus iphone7plus cavalli liquid carbon gold iphone6plus leicaq Leica Q billingham artists&artisan artist artists and artisan artisans f 0.95 f/0.95 f0.95 convertible coupe Michelin Lamborghini Porsche 911 gt2 boxter gtr cayman carrera cabriolet targa turbo gt3 panamera turismo macan cayenne Aventador huracan centenario asterion estoque 911 gt2 dji phantom mavic pro spark parrot rx1r rx1 a7rii a7ii rx1r2 rx1rii rx1ii a7r2 zeiss leica mp m-p hasselblad blackmagic apo typ 007 006 h5d Leica s phase one 24-90mm 35mm 1.4 fle sl summilux summicron 75mm f1.4 a9 black chrome wate atomos ursa jahre titanium plaubel makina distagon profoto telyt otus 5dsr elmar gfx aspherical tumi Type: Amplifier Brand: Astern & Kern + JH Audio