Akira Acp-91m price (Sold)


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Best value portable mini-aircon. -> 9000 BTU -> 50dB (Sort of standard, not very quiet but probably the quietest one i can find comparing to Europace & Trentios's 10k BTU models. Akira has a sleep mode, but not really much noise reduction.) -> 5 years warranty -> Self-evaporative water drainage system (dun need to pour away the water) -> Only maintenance is cleaning the 3 filters, super easy Uses a single hose system. (Put the hose outside window. Blows out warm air through the hose) Brand new in box (Sealed) @ $299 (Price includes delivery) Promotion @ Vivo City - Giant Supermarket I just bought this and self-collected today. Its 21kg+. I'm not selling, I was looking to buy from carousell but then i saw some listings which is used and expensive. You can buy this from the Giant Supermarket (one floor above its food products) in VivoCity.