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☆ Heroes Unlocked [33/35] ☆ Adagio, Alpha, Arden, Baptiste, Baron, Blackfeather, Catherine, Celeste, Flicker, Fortress, Glaive, Grace, Grumpjaw, Gwen, Idris, Joule, Kestrel, Koshka, Krul, Lance, Lyra, Ozo, Petal, Phinn, Reim, Ringo, Rona, Samuel, SAW, Skaarf, Skye, Taka, Vox ☆ Skins Unlocked [72/120] ☆ - Dark Parade Adagio (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary) - Seraphim Adagio (Epic) - Broken Doll Alpha (Rare) (Epic) - Stormlord Arden (Rare) (Epic) - Gladiator Arden (Epic) - Dynasties Blackfeather (Rare) - Love Bites Blackfeather (Special Edition) - Paragon Catherine (Rare) (Epic) - Gladiator Catherine (Epic) - Winter War Catherine (Special Edition) - Star Queen Celeste (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary) - Bewitched Celeste (Special Edition) - Moon Princess Celeste (Special Edition) - Butterfly Celeste (Rare) - Netherworld Fortress (Rare) - Gift-wrapped Fortress (Special Edition) - Prehistoric Glaive (Rare) (Epic) - Sorrowblade Glaive (Epic) - Gangster Gwen (Rare) - Killa-Joule 9000 (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary) - Snow Monster Joule (Special Edition) - Sylvan Kestrel (Rare) - Winter War Kestrel (Rare) - Summer Party Kestrel (Special Edition) - Kandi Twirl Koshka (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary) - School Days Koshka (Rare) - Red Lantern Koshka (Limited Edition) (Special Edition) - Death Metal Krul (Rare) (Epic) - Gladiator Lance (Epic) - Netherknight Lance (Epic) - Dear Diary Lyra (Legendary) - School Days Lyra (Rare) - Wuxia Ozo (Rare) - Bug Petal (Rare) - Summer Party Phinn (Special Edition) - Shogun Ringo (Rare) (Epic) - Bakuto Rongo (Special Edition) - Fury Rona (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary) - Killer Bunny Rona (Limited Edition) (Special Edition) - Apprentice Samuel (Rare) - SAWborg (Rare) (Epic) - Summer Party SAW (Special Edition) - Infinity Skaarf (Rare) (Epic) - Supersonic Skye (Rare) (Epic) - Shiro Kage Taka (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary) - School Days Taka (Legendary) - Cloud Raider Vox (Rare) (Epic) (Legendary) - School Days Vox (Epic) ☆ Talents Unlocked [45/105] ☆ ☆ Others ☆ - Level 30 - Permanent Glory Boost enabled - Tier 9 in Summer Season 2017, Spring Season 2017 - Currently Tier 7 gold because the rank refreshed when the fall season started ☆ Conditions ☆ - I will exit my guild on purchase - I will exit my team on purchase - I will delete all my friends on purchase ☆ Dealing ☆ - MEET UPS ONLY - Password can be changed on the meet up location - Ice will not be provided for name change - Meet up location is adjustable - Meet up time is adjustable - Feel free to offer but low ballers would be ignored - Trade for real life or virtual items are also possible ☆ If you have any questions, please PM me ☆ ☆ More pictures or evidences can be provided in the chat ☆ ☆ But please refrain from PM ing me if you have no intention to buy it ☆

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