Altura Photo 0.35x Fisheye Wide Angle Lens With Macro Close-Up Portion


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Altura Super Fisheye Wide Angle Lens 0.35x For filter thread 52/58mm Condition: Used once in recent travel, comes in original box. Description: The Altura Photo Wide Angle Fisheye Lens is an excellent lens for extreme sports and dramatic action photography. Pulls nearby objects in its view closer and pushes farther objects further into the background, so as to exaggerate and focus on the subject. Includes: Wide angle fisheye lens with macro portion, front and back lens cover, and a protective lens bag. When choosing a wide angle lens, remember: the smaller the number, the wider the angle. For instance, a 0.18x lens is considered a super fisheye lens (notorious bubble effect) while a 0.5x is considered just a wide angle lens. This lens is defined at 0.35x, giving it a perfect balance of both categories with 180 degree fisheye capability. Features: - 2-in-1: Detachable Macro lens for close-up, high-quality photography. - Multi-Coated (MC): Reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections. - Full Autofocus (AF) and Infrared (IR) compatible: High resolution day & night photos. - 52/58MM back thread and 67MM front thread. - Extra heavy duty construction for professional and outdoor use. - Designed for high megapixel photography & video camera use. Kit Includes: - 1x Altura Photo 52/58mm 0.35x Wide Angle Fisheye Lens with Macro Portion (Front & Rear Lens Cap included). - 1x FREE MagicFiber Cleaning Cloth Pm me for more details.

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