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White casing and PVC film material. Super elastic and reusable casing. When the film get flimsy, use a hairdryer and hot air to blow it and it will tighten again. Long Jumbo have 2 sizes 1) Outside 23cm x 9 cm Inside 21cm x 7cm 2) Outside 30cm x 11 cm Inside 27.5cm x 8.5cm PM me if interested. Tag: THAI AMULET, SOMDEJ, KHUN PAEN, TAKRUT, BUTTERFLY, SAMPAO, SALIKA, LP KOON, LP PAE, LP THUAD, LOOP OM, PIKANET, PALAKIT, LP KOON, LP PAE, LP TOH, KRUBA KRISSANA, LP TIM, AJ KLANGSENG, LP PONG, LP THUAD, KHUN PAN, RIAN, LOCKET, LEKSI, PHRA KRING, PIDTA, AJ UTHAI, LP HOAN, LP LOY, LP TOH, LP THONG, LP MOON, LP THONGSU, KRUBA BAENG, DISPLAY FRAME, COIN FRAME, NARAI, WAT BANRAI