Amway SA8 PreWash Spray Soil & Stain Remover 衣物除污喷洁剂 (350g)


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SA8 PreWash Spray Soil & Stain Remover is a convenient and environmentally-friendly aerosol, safe for any washable, colourfast fabric. This powerful and effective stain remover removes oil, grease and many other tough stains without the need for scrubbing or soaking. SA8 PreWash衣物除污喷洁剂是一种既方便又环保的喷雾剂,任何可洗涤的不褪色布料均能安全使用。这种强力有效的除污剂能去除油污、油垢和多种其他顽固污迹,无须揉擦或浸泡。

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