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  • royzkie

    Posted an item, search item, item not found. Thanks a lot Carousell. Your algorithm sucks.

  • rx.fy

    Well carousell is telling us in a roundabout manner... Buy a bump each day to be excluded from their new "optimized" listing algorithm... xD But so many people relisting clones don't get get banned so why bother when there's no effective enforcement?

  • ideasmiths

    What does users babyjasmine84,,, laravel5.5, fossil.hub, willsix, buzbuz, biggsale,, flash-deals, watchboss, mysql2020, buzbuz,, just.sell, singhub and all other clones have in common? Obviously none as per NUS peeping tom rules. Spend money buy bumps? LOL, go clone yourself as reported for 5 years also allowed by admins here.

An Update to our Ranking Algorithm


4 months ago by carousell_promote






Why we have been updating our ranking algorithm We have heard you! We have recently revised changed the ranking algorithm of listings to improve the overall buyer experience. Businesses may find that their account listings have been impacted and here’s how you can continue to be successful :-) As you may know, Carousell updated the ranking algorithm of listings to improve the marketplace. We apologise for any confusion caused and would like to share more information about the update. If you have received a message from us, leading you to this listing, you are part of the group of users whose account traffic has been impacted. If you did not receive this message directly from us and came across this listing, you may rest assured that you have not been impacted by this updated ranking algorithm. We would like to share that we are doing this as part of our commitment to ensure a healthy and sustainable marketplace for all types of sellers and buyers. We have found from the data that certain sellers are getting a disproportionate amount of visibility in the marketplace. This results in other sellers experiencing lesser success, and buyers not being able to access a wider variety of options. While we reiterate our commitment to ensure that the marketplace remains healthy, sustainable and as fair as possible, we understand that this is not ideal for those who have been impacted by the updated ranking algorithm. As such, we would like to offer a variety of solutions, both non-paid and paid, that you are welcome to try, to avoid getting negatively impacted by the updated ranking algorithm. For more information, please read: We are still in the midst of continuously improving our platform to make buying and selling great again. Stay tuned for more updates. If you have any feedback or queries, we would love to hear from you:

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