Ancient India: Ganatapi Naga (340AD), Thick Kaniri With Full Inscription, Bronze Coin


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An authentic Ancient India: Lot of 5 Sillver qanhari dirhams (dammas) minted by the Habbarid dynasty in Sind (ca.850-1000 AD). AVF Humped bull standing left / Maharaja Sri Ganendra in a circle in Brahmi. 8mm,1.45 grams.  Lovely quality coin, scarcer full denomination. The Naga Kings held a large territory in Malwa and other regions (expending their territory as far as Mathura in the middle of the third century AD by taking it from the weakening Kushans). The last of the Nagas, Ganapati Naga, submitted to the Gupta Emperor Samudragupta. Authencity guaranteed! Full refund if fake!