Anger Is a Choice by Dr. Tim LaHaye & Bob Phillips - Self Enrichment Book


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Anger Is a Choice by Dr. Tim LaHaye & Bob Phillips Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed, comes with plastic book cover. Description - What you need to know to control the emotion of anger and find healing for damaged relationships. Anger is something everyone struggles with--whether it’s our own emotion threatening to explode out of control or the anger of others that makes us feel intimidated and afraid. But when we understand where anger comes from, how it shows or doesn’t show, then we can do something about it. Either it will control us or we will control it, because Anger Is a Choice. Best-selling authors Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips tell us what we need to know to control the emotion of anger. They not only examine it from beginning (its origins) to end (its effects), they also help us evaluate our own “Irritability Quotient” through the Anger Inventory and other exercises throughout the book. In learning how to handle conflicts and anger, we are enabled to heal damaged relationships and help others deal with their anger as well. We can make our lives more peaceful, rewarding, and meaningful by putting anger in its proper place and under our own control. Topics include: * Meet the angry family * Anger and body language * Anger and your health * Anger and your temperament * Is it ever right to be angry? Amazon Book Reviews - 1) Easy Read -By D.S. I read this book in one day. It was written in such a way that was easy to read and simple to understand. It opened my eyes to the fact that there are many forms of anger. Frustration, criticism, irritability are all forms of anger. So the next time someone is acting frustrated, you can ask them..."What are you angry about right now..?" They may respond..."I'm not angry"...but at the root, they are angry at something or someone. Anger is an emotion that God gave us. It can be good or bad. A blessings or a curse. We have the power to choose which one will it be. I would recommend reading this book, because if you want different results, you MUST change your thinking. The only way to change your thinking is to receive new information. New Information=New Thinking=New Results. The fastest way to receive new thinking is through reading. Never stop investing in your thinking, it's your most valuable asset you have. 2) Highly Recommend -By truthsayer This book is a great resource for everyone! Everyone has anger at one time or another in life or is dealing with angry people. The writers are very knowledgeable and the information is well written for all to understand. There are a few chapters at the end that refer to Christianity. Personally, I felt the references were great. In a world where anger seems to be at the core of crime, divorces, self-destruction, etc.......we could all use the help this book can give.

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