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Animorphs is a wonderful story filled with amazing adventures. Totally recommend it to kids and teenagers! Each character depicts great life values such as leadership, courage, compassion, humor, selflessness and so many more. Love them so much that they have been my companion since high school. I have almost a complete collection. From #1 till #52, plus other mini animorphs series. Willing to let it go to anyone who shares the same love for Animorphs. Most of them are many, many years old and the pages has turned yellow. But they are still treated with love and respect. No torn, loose and bended pages. Most of them are even wrapped with a plastic book cover. Not sure if you'll get hooked to the story? See pic 2 & 3. Taken frm the very first episode of the series. Give me your best price and promise me you'll treat them with love. Collect at my place in Punggol area.