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Anmyna Compliant Silky Hair Shampoo -Nourishing your hair with all the nutrients and minerals. -Replenished nutrient loss by your hair. -Reduces hair damage and strengthen your hair. -Allowing your hair to shine healthily. -Capable to balance the water and oil ratio in your scalp. -Effectively reduce excess oil produce. -Stayed fragrant all day long. 安米娜·柔顺丝滑洗发乳 三重保养、让秀发blingbling,萃取天然芍药精华,结合蚕丝蛋白、负离子垂顺亮发等功效, 给予发芯、头皮双重深度润养,令发丝沉浸在安米娜专属香氛中。 安米娜·丝滑护发精华素 水润滋养、绽放秀发绚丽光泽 蕴含超浓缩氨基酸保湿剂和芍药提取液, 有效修复头发因吹、拉、染、烫及日晒流失的营养。 特别添加发芯保护因子和超水感配方,还原秀发健康亮泽。

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