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Anmyna Cherry Blossom Refreshing Shower Gel -Combination of cherry blossom and mint essence. -Have cooling effect. -Last long fragrant smell. -Able to reduce skin dryness and fine lines. -Moisture your skin and enable your skin to become radiant and smooth. -Capable of overshadowing the sweat smell. -Allow you to enjoy work,date outdoor activities. 夏天洗澡洗完出来就一身汗的举手👆 夏天很怕热的举手👆 夏天胸前后背一直冒痘痘的举手👆 🎀安米娜冰爽沐浴露🎀 一瓶帮你解决这些问题️闻一闻鼻子都是凉凉的❄ ,淡淡薄荷味+花香味!感觉细腻的泡泡就像沙冰那么好喝这款沐浴露感觉连男生都会爱到无法自拔!

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