ANMYNA Rose Extract Oils Shampoo And Care Set 玫瑰精萃洗护套装


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安米娜新洗护荣耀上市 · 全球首发 2017-06-01 广东马丁宝 安米娜新洗护荣耀上市.全球首发 揭开名媛秀发的奥秘 (玫瑰精萃洗护系列) 安米娜匠心打造,用心做好每一款产品 3位技术顾问、11位工程师 48次配方调整、560次打版 3000多人产品体验 历时9个月、275天、4800小时、288000分 耗资千万、重金打造、安米娜出品、必出精品 作为一个具有8年历史的护肤品牌,安米娜始终坚持品质为上,新品也将会一如既往地坚持安米娜根本原则,带来只为消费者着想的洗护产品。 你真的会选洗发水吗? 你真的会用洗发水吗?? 你真的会头发保养和护理吗??? 你想在家里就能享受专业的头疗SPA护理吗???? 你想要的,安米娜玫瑰精粹头发护理套装都会给你! 你和名媛秀发之间 只差一套安米娜的玫瑰精粹头发护理套装 玫瑰精萃洗护系列 安米娜玫瑰精萃洗发乳——清洁发丝,净化头皮、柔顺飘逸 玫瑰精萃洗发乳,提取玫瑰花蕾活性源液,给予发丝、头皮润养护理,补充营养水分,改善头皮环境,发丝更显水润活力。 安米娜玫瑰护发精华液——玫瑰精油、滴滴精萃,奢养秀发,尽享头发SPA之旅 萃取的玫瑰纯露精华,让你洗发后,击退发丝干枯、开叉、毛躁等问题,留下优雅自然的芳香,长久留香,更显魅力。 安米娜玫瑰精萃护发素——修护受损,柔顺秀发 为秀发注入保湿因子,帮助头皮紧紧锁住水分,调理水油平衡,缓和头皮发痒,增强发质健康,打造最佳的头皮环境,更显光泽亮丽。 ANMYNA new wash glory listed on the world starting 2017-06-01 Guangdong Martin Paul ANMYNA new wash glory listed. Global starting Uncover the mystery of the gorgeous hair (Rose Essence Series) (Multi-effect silicone oil excellent series) ANMYNA ingenuity to create, carefully do a good job every product 3 technical advisors, 11 engineers 48 times the recipe adjustment, 560 times the version More than 3,000 product experience Which lasted 9 months, 275 days, 4800 hours, 288000 points Cost tens of millions, heavy money to build, ANMYNA produced, will be a boutique As an eight-year-old skin care brand, ANMYNA always adhere to the quality of the new products will continue to adhere to the fundamental principles of ANMYNA , bringing only for the sake of consumers care products. Do you really choose shampoo? Do you really use shampoo? The Do you really have hair care and care? The The Do you want to enjoy a professional head treatment spa treatment at home? The The The You want, An Mina Rose essence hair care package will give you! You and the ladies hair between Only a set of ANMYNA Rose essence of hair care package Rose essence of care series ANMYNA Rose essence shampoo - clean hair, purify the scalp, supple and elegant Rose essence of shampoo, extract rose buds active source solution, given hair, scalp care care, nutritional supplements, improve the scalp environment, hair more moisturizing vitality. ANMYNA Rose Hair Care Essence - Rose Essential Oil, Delicate Delicious, Luxury Hair, Hair Hair SPA Extract the essence of the rose pure dew, let you shampoo, after the hair cut off dry, split, frivolous and other issues, leaving the elegant natural fragrance, long lasting fragrance, more charm. ANMYNA Rose Essence - Repair damaged, supple hair For the hair into the moisturizing factor, to help the scalp tightly locked in moisture, conditioning water and oil balance, ease the scalp itching, enhance hair health, to create the best scalp environment, more shiny bright.

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