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Antique English silver-plated jam spoon with engraved patterns that dates to 1930s, or earlier. I have always found English jam spoons too big for scooping jam (it was perhaps the right size when families were larger and jam jars or bowls were a lot bigger to serve many at one go). It is however very handy as a serving spoon for small cakes and pastries. Its 'bowl' is flat which makes it easy to pick up cup cakes, scones, small pies, etc.. The silver plate and bone / faux bone handle have wear from age and past use, but given it is almost a hundred years old, the flatware is in reasonably good condition with lots of use and wear left in it. 17cm long. The bowl measures 5 x 3.5cm. Add S$3 for registered mail. By mail only. All items in our shop are used vintage that often come with minor imperfections, results of old time manufacturing and wear from past use. They are not suited for buyers looking for perfection. If you expect perfection, please buy brand new.

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Add S$3 for registered mail. By mail only.

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