ANYA Snail Repair Mask (Repair, Restore & Brightening)


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Place of Origin: South Korea Date of Expiry: 21 Oct 2010 A clinical skin solution brand from Korea. This ‘’Koregeous’’ snail slime mask contains high quality snail mucus which is excellent for repairing of damaged tissues and regenerating hydration. It is also a huge skin stress-buster as the snail mucus is known to have soothing properties. Packed with snail secretion filtrate and Aloe Vera extract, it calms troubled skin, delivers intense hydration & helps maintain the pH level in our skin. It also contains antioxidant nature-based ingredients such as ginseng root & chrysanthemum extracts, essential for skin brightening (can see immediate effect after each use) & reduction of facial fine lines (over regular use). Selling price: S$2.50/pc Brand: ANYA Type: Masks & Treatments

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