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A complete kit for processing film, this Classic Developing Tank from AP Photo Group includes two Multi-Format Classic Self-Feed Film Reels for developing 35mm, 126, 127, and 120/220 films. The tank's light-sealed, daylight design enables working in lit environments and both a form-fitting lid and agitator rod are included for inversion or rotation-style agitation methods. Its durable, heat-resistant plastic construction is lightweight and easy to clean and the necessary chemistry volumes are printed on the bottom of the tank. Up to two rolls of 35mm film can be processed at once, or one roll of 126, 127, or 120/220 at a time. Vertical grooves on the lid facilitate easy opening, even with wet hands. Features: Fits Two Plastic Reels in 35mm Format Inversion or Rotating Agitation Method Light-Sealed, Daylight Tank Heat-Resistant Plastic Construction Grooved Lid for Easy Opening Package Dimensions: 6.378 x 4.961 x 4.803" Net Weight: 430g

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