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Overstocked / Clearance sale.. New, 2016 model. - Starting from 1.3k.. definitely cheaper than market price! -       All Goods are Original, 100% Brand New & Unlocked (WE TAKE THE RISK.. WE BUY FIRST.. CASH ONLY ON DELIVERY.. NO NEED TO PAY UP FRONT LIKE THOSE SCAMMERS) Our ACRA licensed registered company is KG Trading Pte Ltd. 1)      Apple Macbook Air MQD32 i5 1.8GHz (128GB) 13”            2)      Apple Macbook Air MQD42 i5 1.8GHz (256GB) 13”            3)      Apple Macbook MF855ZP/A 1.1GHz (256GB) 12” Silver      4)      Apple Macbook MF865ZP/A 1.2GHz (512GB) 12” Silver        5)      Apple Macbook MK4M2ZP/A 1.1GHz (256GB) 12” Gold 6)      Apple Macbook MK4N2ZP/A 1.2GHz (512GB) 12” Gold        Free Delivery. 1 for 1 exchange if there is anything spoilt or not working with 24 hours, no questioned asked. Price is from supplier. It is factory sealed. Cant nego. Sorry and thanks

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