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Apple Watch Band - Handmade Vintage Leather Watch Strap Change any watch strap you like to fit your new Apple Watch with our Full Set ( Custom Made Vintage Strap + Already Installed Adapter with Steel/Alu or Space Gray Color + Stainless Steel Brushed buckle + 5 Edges Screw Driver for Strap Change later ) If you do not notice the strap size, we will make a 125mm/75mm strap for you which will fit almost all normal wrist => please leave us a message if you have bigger or smaller wrist (base on the wrist chart). Wrist chart (4-6,5mm thick for 44mm, 47mm, 52mm case) (in cm- in inches- Short/long strap) 12,7cm-14cm = 5.0″-5.5″ = 65mm/115mm. 14cm-15,2cm=5.5″-6.0″ = 70mm/120mm. 15,2cm-16,5cm=-6.0″-6.5″ = 75mm/120mm. 16,5cm-17,8cm= 6.5″-7.0″ = 75mm/125mm. 17,8cm-19,05cm=7.0″-7.5″ = 80mm/130mm. 19,05cm-20,32cm=7.5″-8.0″ = 80mm/135mm. 20,03cm-21,59cm=8.0″-8.5″ = 85mm/140mm. 21,59cm-22,86cm=8.6 – 9.0″ = 85mm/145mm. 22,86cm-24,13cm=9.0 – 9.5″ = 90mm/150mm. 24.14cm-25.4cm=9.0 – 9.5″ = 90mm/155mm.

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