Archan Monak Phra Khun Paen Maha Seneh BE2544 (C.E2001)


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Super Mass Attraction For Love And Maha Seneh Master,Archan Monak!! Very Highly Recommended. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For PM Only One. ^^Archan Monak Phra Khun Paen Maha Seneh BE2544 (C.E2001)^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With UAMULET CERT* -Archan Monak,Super Famous White Shirt Ajarn For Heavy Metta,Heavy Maha Seneh And Ren Yuan Amulets Especially His Khun Paen -Very Hard To Find His Amulets In The Market Now Already. Size:5cm X 3.5cm (Comes Wrapped In Waterproof Casing) Info: Archan Monak created this batch of Phra Khun Paen Kamasutra amulets using several kinds of auspicious materials such as: 1)Wan Saolong 2)Wan Doktong 3)Wan Salika Lintong 4)Wan Nangkum 5)Wan Dinso Luesi 6) Kafak Ruk 7)Kafak Marum 8)Kanoon 9) Mayom, soils from nine crowded markets, etc. Moreover, Archan Monak added sacred charming powder recited with many sacred spells including Namaha Laluay Roychoo, Na Sakodjai, Yunt Nari Nungluk, Yunt Nang Appasornrooptong in order to increase the efficacy. Archan Monak said that this sacred powder was very sacred and you can easily become very charming and easily attract people's attention and lovers would be attracted. This Phra Khun Paen Maha Seneh amulets were specially designed and very much different from other versions of amulet in the Khun Paen-family. This is Powerful Charming Phra Khun Paen With Skull House Nur Phong Prai & Wealthy Mae Thep (Height 4.2cm) strongly blessed by Ajahn Monak. Additional with Wealthy Mae Thep & sacred Yants at back. I highly This amulets are respected for the sacred power that will help worshippers succeed in love but also ideal for people, who often go for high risk investment or gambling related activity, who are in contact with clients or employees on a daily basis,especially if you are doing your own business and sales line.