Archan Monak Super Rare Batch HAND MOULD Nine Tailed Fox(Nang Phaya JingJork) Amulet


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For PM SUPER RARE And POWERFUL!! (TESTED AND PROVEN!!,EVEN I MYSELF KEEPING ONE TOO). ^^Archan Monak Super Rare Batch HAND MOULD Nine Tailed Fox(Nang Phaya JingJork) Amulet^^ *Comes Verified And Certified With UAmulet Card* Size:4cm Diameter (Wrapped In Waterproof Casing) Info: This is a very rare batch of personally hand mould batch of Nine Tailed Fox by Archan Monak. Archan Monak 95years old,uses the most ancient and most primitive and powerful way of blessing,combining power from three different forms of wiccha,Lover Spell,Blissful Marriage Spell,Golden Faced Metta Maha Mahiyom Spell. For this batch Of Nine Tailed Fox he made is also 100% using herbs materials and using the same popular methods he used for this batch of famous khun paen too. Archan Monak created this batch of using several kinds of auspicious materials such as: 1)Wan Saolong 2)Wan Doktong 3)Wan Salika Lintong 4)Wan Nangkum 5)Wan Dinso Luesi 6) Kafak Ruk 7)Kafak Marum 8)Kanoon 9) Mayom, soils from nine crowded markets, etc. Moreover, Archan Monak added sacred charming powder recited with many sacred spells including Namaha Laluay Roychoo, Na Sakodjai, Yunt Nari Nungluk, Yunt Nang Appasornrooptong in order to increase the efficacy. Archan Monak said that this sacred powder was very sacred and you can easily become very charming and easily attract people's attention and lovers would be attracted. Purpose: In magic, Jingjork Gao Hang is name of powerful charm amulet figuring as a beautiful lady transforming from a fox with nine tails. These are powers of Jingjork Gao Hang on the worshipper: 1. charming and attractive towards the opposite sex 2. easily get kindness, mercy and compassion from people 3. liked by everyone e.g. seer, senior and boss 4. run business well, make a good sale and progress in a job because people are willing to help and support 泰国佛牌 阿赞摩纳 手模版本 九尾狐仙 带卡保真 全新未带 95岁高僧阿赞摩纳,三法门集成九尾。该九尾三法加身,分别为情降、姻缘和合、金面人缘,三个法门齐入,分别作用让爱的人喜欢自己,巩固感情,增加人缘,异性缘,魅力吸引力,越来越漂亮气质,所做九尾必须入强力湾类植物,只有法门是不偏不倚帮人。除此之外大师的九尾自90年代开始出庙以来,伴随着招财、人缘、转运、事业的神迹更是比比皆是 层出不穷 特别对事业开拓,生意提升,女性的财运,运势有特别功效,全能的女性招财魅力佛牌!