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Very lightly used. I find that the use without the battery door is more of a hassle to me currently. Case is fantastically handmade by Korean artisans and is beautiful to touch. Snap button closes with a very resounding snap and overall you can feel this is a wonderful handmade product. Leather smell is still very strong and will only age with character and patina the more you use it. All polished surfaces are unscratched and very shiny. Colour is the default brown with natural stitching and green velvet felt interior. Condition 8.5/10 just because it's been used. Brand new one from Jun in Korea costs you US$469 without any customisations (what I got). The scratches in the leather were already there when I got it. Think of it as wabi. Note that this type of half-case must be used with a leather strap to hold everything together. Also, to change SD card and replace the battery all you have to do is to unsnap the button closures and it slides right off.

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Add registered postage with SmartPac for $4. No refunds if box is damaged during postage.