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Arthur's Teacher Trouble (Arthur Adventure Series) - Marc Brown


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Collectible. 1986 edition. Consigned item sold "As Is/ Where Is" with no guarantees, warranties, refunds or exchanges. Not for the fussy. On the first day of school Arthur discovers he's got the toughest teacher in the third grade! The pressure is on to study hard for the all-school Spellathon. Can Arthur beat last year's champion speller? Or will he let Mr. Ratburn d-o-w-n? Amazon Reviews Arthur's Teacher Trouble By A Customer on March 11, 2003 Marc Brown creates the Arthur adventure, Arthur's Teacher Trouble with a moral in mind. Also it proves that if you work hard and give it your all, you'll be more successful. The book is told for children to understand that a little hard work gets you somewhere. With no effort at all, you won't come out with your best. Arthur gets stuck with a hard teacher. The teacher starts out tough on the students, assigning homework right away. Arthur isn't very confident in himself and isn't used to the work and extra effort that he has to give to 3rd grade. With all of his hard work he actually gets awarded with something even better...and by reading this book you'll be sure to find out! Arthur is my favorite character in this particular Arthur book. He isn't very confident in himself, but we all relate to that. And in the end we sometimes get surprised by unexpected turns. I learned from Arthur's Teacher Trouble. By A Customer on December 29, 1997 I learned to do my best, but that if my best isn't better than everyone else's best, it is okay. Hard Work, Sacrifice Lead to Rewards By Summerroll on May 12, 2013 Arthur's new teacher, Mr. Ratburn, has a reputation as the strictest teacher in school. Rumor has it that he is a vampire with magical powers, who tolerates no monkey business from his students. Mr. Ratburn does not disappoint. On the second day of school, he announces a spelling quiz that week for 100 words. He's preparing the class to enter the school Spell-a-thon. The top two students get to represent the school for a spelling bee. Arthur puts his head to the grindstone, finding a good place to study. His whole family helps. When quiz day comes, Arthur can smell another class making popcorn. Still another class is going on a field trip. Arthur is stuck inside, taking a test. However, Arthur's reward pays off at the Spell-a-thon. He correctly spells "preparation" to win. Like all Arthur books, this one teaches a valuable lesson without being overly didactic. Arthur is the appropriate "everykid," who is neither the smartest, the fastest, the slyest, nor the strongest. He is merely one who tries to do the right thing. Sometimes that thing is not clear. Sometimes it is painful. Nevertheless, following his values generates rewards. The books are illustrated brightly and beautifully with watercolor and pen drawings by Brown. I highly recommend it for ages 5-8. Hard Work Pays Off for Arthur By Olivia Stabler VINE VOICE on August 12, 2014 I've been a fan of the Arthur series since I was a kid and I enjoy sharing them with my daughter and my second grade class. In this one, Arthur gets Mr. Ratburn for a teacher, who is the toughest teacher in the whole school and also gives the most amount of homework. Arthur becomes overwhelmed by all the work and resentful that other classes get to do fun things. He has to take a spelling test of 100 words, which prepares him for the spelling bee. Thanks to all his studying he goes on to be very successful in the spelling bee, ironically spelling "preparation." What I love about this story, aside from the colorful illustrations, is that it teaches an important lesson: working hard for something and doing your best always yields the greatest reward, even if it's an unexpected one. Arthur learns that Mr. Ratburn was so hard on them because he wanted them to do their best. Great story! Arthur"s Adventure Series Book By SuSu on December 7, 2013 As a teacher this was part of our reading series and a very fun way for the students to learn some valuable lessons about life. I bought this for my grandson who read it over and over He is now grown and always remembers this sweet story. We have put it away to save for his children someday.

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