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Brand New in box Make in Korea direct from atomy singapore Direct from Atomy Singapore 1 x Atomy Herbal Shampoo - 500ml EXP Nov 2018 SGD 16 1 x Atomy Herbal Conditioner - 500ml SGD16 1 x Atomy Herbal hair tonic - 200ml EXP Jan 2020 SGD18 High quality Korean product Herbal Hair Shampoo - 500ml Plant-based ingredients Get fresh, silky and smooth hair Good for scalp cleansing, hair strengthening, and prevention of hair damage Atomy Herbal Conditioner High quality products 500 ml For Hair with Perm or Coloured related Damage Hair Makes hair ultra soft and shiny by enriching and moisturizing it from the inside out. Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner also treats hair with a specialized silicon compound that coats the hair, giving it a sprightly bounce and reducing static electricity. Directions After using Atomy Herbal Shampoo, squeeze out excess water from the hair. Apply Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner evenly and thoroughly into from the roots to the ends of the hair. Rinse off with warm water. Herbal hair tonic liquid treatment 200ml Anti hair-loss and healthy growth Hair treatment and scalp care Oriental medicine herbs You can also consider the unique business opportunities provided by this global company. Would you like to be a FREE MEMBER OF ATOMY?Pls contact me ,thx. Be a free atomy member, if for any reason, u r not satisfied with our products, u may return them within 30 days of purchase, the company will refund 100% of the price . U also have a chance to get cash rebate as each product has PV For more information and products, please visit our website 艾多美养发液 。 主要成分与功能 头发护理:泛醇,水杨酸成分促进头发生长,改善脱发。 头皮舒活:薄荷醇,当归等成分,透过按摩能使头皮的毛孔舒张,有清凉感。 头发营养:发酵草药秘方有9种复合韩方药成分,供给头皮和发根的营养 。 使用人群 容易掉发,脱发,发痒的成年人群均可以使用 。使用方法 配合使用艾多美韩方洗发露和护发素发膜后,取适量抹到头皮或毛发,按摩使能吸收得好,请注意使用,防止进入眼睛和耳朵。(有一点沉淀物时,请在使用前摇一摇) 。 产品介绍 Atom美养发液,利用发酵草药开发出9种复合中药成分,其活性因子能有效供给头皮和发根充分营养。健康地恢复头皮和发根的功能,防止脱发促进头发生长。 Atom美养发液,透过薄荷醇按摩头皮,舒服头皮解决发痒和头皮问题,改善脱发促进头发生长的产品。 Atomy(艾多美)草本养发生发喷剂是从发酵的中草药中提炼出来的复合精华活性因子组成;充分给头皮和发根提供营养,有效恢复头皮和发根的健康,坚固发根,防止脱发,促进毛发生长。Atomy(艾多美)养发生发喷剂通过薄荷醇精华成分给头皮清爽舒适的按摩感,解决头皮痒和头皮屑问题,更能改善发根脆弱和脱发等困扰,促进毛发健康生长。 Atomy(艾多美)草本养发生发喷剂(Herbal Hair Tonic)主要功效有 坚固发根 - 有效提供营养给发根,使用发根更健康坚固;解决困扰 - 有效解决和改善头皮瘙痒和头屑困扰;头皮健康 - 韩方药生毛团成分使头皮更健康。 该产品适合使用人群为:容易掉发,脱发,头皮痒的成年人均可使用。 使用方法:用Atomy(艾多美)草本洗发液,护发素(or发膜)将头发清净,待毛发和头皮干爽之后,先用配套特殊按摩梳(免费配套在组合装内)轻轻按压按摩头皮,使头皮血液循环活跃,头皮毛孔张大;然后再本产品Atomy(艾多美)草本养发生发喷剂适量(2-3次)喷在顶部头皮上,再次用配套特殊按摩梳轻轻按 压按摩头皮1-2分钟,使喷剂能更有效,更充分地吸收。小编温馨提醒:喷剂时,小心进入眼睛和耳内哦。

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