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Audiophile POWER Cable 1/4 - Mcintosh OD 18mm Power Cable Ultra High Current AC power Cable with High Density Shielding I am introducing a series of Power cables, based on performance level and budget. There is only so much that you can do with superior speaker cables, to further optimise your system, u have another upgrade option on power cable. Suitable for Amplifier, AVR, or even Active speaker systems, hifi, compo system or CD/DVD player. This is the #1 in the series. Audiophile POWER Cable2/4 - Mcintosh OD 18mm Power Cable These cables are handcrafted using the finist materials and parts. Specifications: 3 conductors each overall diameter 6mm with OFC and silver plated copper Superb multi layer PE insulation Shielded with silver plated copper braiding. Nylon braided sleeve Premium quality alloy plugs Overall Outside Diameter 18mm (HUMONGOUS, take note!) !! Comes terminated with TYPE I (Austrralian) 3 pin plug at wall outlet end. At amp end, it can be terminated with 3 pin IEC type or "figure-8" C8 type depending on your needs. take note this size does not come with UK 3Pin plug. Other termination types such as US 3Pin plug are available too. Price 1m - see listed price as base price 1.5m - add $8 2.0m - add $12 3.0m - add $36 Pre-order only, please allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery. Not for urgent buyers. @thecarousell #CarousellSG #Carousell #MaiTuLiao

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