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Skin Lifting And Pores Tightening Chinese Herbal Serum 20ml & Umbilical Cord Blood Egg Membrane Mask 50g (059) $69 Miss this and REGRET! 😭😭😭 Set includes a Chinese Herbal Serum for skin lifting and pores tightening effects 20ml and a Umbilical cord blood egg membrane mask 50g. As u can see from my photos how it amazingly tightened ur pores and u can feel ur skin tight and lifted right after every application! Best use both together! Directions: 1) Cleansed face 2) Apply 4-5 drops of chinese herbal serum onto face and massage till 90% absorbed 3) Apply Umbilical cord blood egg membrane mask and leave on till it turn transparent. You will feel ur face tight when mask dries up! 4) Spray or pat some water onto face mask till mask turn milky white colour and peel it off ur skin lightly. 5) No need to wash off and just continue with ur normal skincare routine. Caution: Once the umbilical cord blood egg membrane mask dries up, u will feel ur face REALLY TIGHT, DO NOT peel it off as it'll hurt and damage ur skin!!! MUST spray or pat water on it till it turned milky white and u can peel it off easily without any strength needed and u will still feel ur skin tight! Try not to talk or have any facial expressions while mask on!!!!! Brand: ShoppingGuru Tang’s Type: Masks & Treatments

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