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One step solution to the 9 common hair PROBLEMS!!! ❌Dandruff ❌Dry Hair ❌Oily Hair ❌Frizzy Hair ❌Damaged Hair ❌Branching ❌Knots ❌Fragile ❌Dull ❌Paraben ❌Sulfate ✔ Deep cleansing for hair scalp ✔ Dandruff & Oily control ✔ Restore hair split ends & Knots ✔ Improved permed & dyed hair damages ✔ Shinny & Smooth hair ✔ Concentrated & Durable ✔ Enhance hair growth ✔ Prevent hair falls ✔ Healthier product with no silicone oil contain Tested and certified by sinagpore labs All natural ingredients used Prove to be better than salon and other brands HSA approved Aisan Top Team Pure flower extract shampoo is even safe to use on kids n pregnant women❗ Revitalises dry hair cells by promoting growth of new hair cells, restoring your hair to it's healthy and original state! Repairing Treatment consists of 2 products : 1) ASIAN TOP TEAM Pure Flower Extract Shampoo (500ml) 2) ASIAN TOP TEAM Revitalising hair mask (500ml) ASIAN TOP TEAM Pure Flower Extract Shampoo Main ingredients : Rosarugosa , Coconut Oil Benefits : Ability to produce new hair cells on DRY hair cells, aiding the reparing of hair to its soft and silky, youthful stage. How to use : Wet hair thoroughly, after massage the shampoo into our scalp gently. Wash after approximately 3 minutes to allow your hair to absorb nutrients from the rose extract. ASIAN TOP TEAM Revitalising hair mask Main ingredients : Butyrospermum Park II , Rosarugosa , Avocado oil , Wheat Protein, Revitalising Essence Benefits : Ability to restore and repair damaged hair from the 9th to the 3rd tier, subsequently to its natural state with specially picked proteins How to use : 1) After washing your hair with AISAN TOP TEAM Pure Flower Extract Shampoo, apply an adequate amount of hair mask on your damage hair and gently massage throughly over the scalp. 2)Allow your hair to absorb the nutrients of the hair mask. 3) Treatment is complete ! Repeat a few times for results !

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