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Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp | with marble base and long lasting, high quality Made in Hungary bulb | Imported from the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan


1 year ago by saltlightsg








PWP (Purchase with Purchase) for additional bulb @ only $2.50 each (Usual Price $4.50) Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps come from the Himalayas of Pakistan, where we import from. Our lamps are carefully hand-mined and expertly chose for their premium color and natural warmth. Quality is our primary concern and we strive to provide you the perfect salt lamps as gifts, for your home or business. Do note that each salt crystal is unique individually. There is no 2nd piece of the same crystal and they will vary in grain, texture, hue, opacity and richness of color. Every salt lamp comes with beautiful marble base and long lasting E14 Made in Hungary bulb. For $35, you get: 1 x Himalayan Salt Crystal 1 x Marble base with SG compatible 2pin plug 1 x Made in Hungary, high quality and long lasting bulb Payment can be bank transfer or COD For wholesale or other enquiries feel free to contact/whatsapp 96706366 At Home: can be used anywhere at home but are most fitting in bedrooms, living rooms, home offices or kitchens. Having salt lamps in these areas at home can create a peaceful, zen and relaxing environment. In addition, helps to fight radiation and EMF from the many electronic devices we own. In the Office: Perfect accents to offset harmful radiation from computers and other office devices. Also great in enhancing office vibes and décor. As Gift: This is certainly a gift that no one will every forget! Everyone is attracted to them and people naturally feel uplifted and happier in the presence of salt lamp. Feng Shui: Salt has natural antibacterial properties. It is believe to have the ability in warding off negative energy. If you have particularly tough spaces to “cure” due to blocked energy in a room or area at home or workspace, the salt lamps can provide healing and improvement. For Meditation Practice: Many people practice forms of meditation that require concentration. Salt Lamps aids meditation and provides uplifting charge to the energy of the meditation room, enchanting the overall benefits of the meditating session. Natural Health Practices: Whether you are a practitioner trying to create a soothing environment for treating your clients or patients, or you are an individual seeking a healthy, natural and uplifting energy in your personal environment, salt lamps are ideal as they have the ability to emit negative ions when lit.



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