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Japan Waterproof manufactured 24K Gold Pulse Beauty Bar 2017 ( 2016 is the old version look on photos to identify the old model and new model packaging differences and how to identify authenticity. With it's 6000 RPM vibration a minute, the benefits to improve the below: -water retention -fine lines -smile line -wrinkles -dark eye circles -eye bags -forehead lines -lifting and toning face/neck/body -firming and smoothen skin/neck/body -v-shape tone -double chin -neck folds -absorbing your skin care -radiance and glow for skin -tightening pores -slimming all parts of body (Please do not compare with those less than $10 beauty bar as they are made in china with no certificates) This is AUTHENTIC which sells on counter in Japan stores. Why the price difference? Japan repackaged by adding a label 'minimum' but the behind packaging is original what I'm selling, they place in retail and rebranding by adding a label but it's the same product. Look at the other details given in the album to show which parts to prove the authenticity of the beauty bar. You may also use your own skincare and use the beauty bar to massage to boost the routine. Distributors are welcome as this product is new in Singapore. Join me on earning the bucks and open this market now! Don't wait anymore before others are following me to sell this. WeChat: sailorvamp Delivery 7-10 business days

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