Free Normal Mailing Authentic YAMEI TEETH WHITENING MOUSSE #convenient bring to workplace after meal or anywhere!

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♥ new arrival ♥ limited instock ♥ unisex ♥ go to "chat to buy" if you are keen in it :P 😘 Do not hurt the teeth gums, more than 10 billion bubble molecules, for oral intensive care 😘 removes the bad breath effectively 😘 It acts as an Active foam molecules, a comprehensive conditioning oral ecological balance, lasting fresh tone 😘solve the black teeth, yellow teeth, tooth decay, dental calculus, bad breath, plaque, gingival swelling and pain, mouth ulcers and other oral problems 😘 WELL penetration into the dental microporous structure, and enamel in the pigment molecules, the occurrence of redox reaction, the effective elimination of yellow teeth 😘 rapid removal of plaque How to use: Gently shake the bottle, and use it normally like u brush your teeth using the toothpaste! #anti-inflammatory, sterilization# clean mouth #the effect faster #cleaner #convenient bringing out