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My Favourite Brand ~ smoothing and treatment shampoo- for all hair types Watch the video : It consists of 2 items with free samples(randomly give until last stock!)- pm me for getting the samples!! 1. Smoothing Shampoo 💥Cleaning dandruff 💥Compact hair scalp 💥Moisturizing hair core 💥Hair strengthening The shampoo is a pure plant without silicone oil formula shampoo and cleans thoroughly. The acid PH ratio is also more fit the body acidic characteristics!! The natural ginger essence and a variety of plant extracts are gentle to skin. It helps to remove hair follicle residual dirt, moisturizing hair core, anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory. Provide oil control to prevent bacteria growth! When the scalp is clean, healthy and breathable, the hair will be rejuvenation bright as well. 2. Densifying treatment shampoo 💥Repair damage hair 💥Smoothen and soften the hair 💥Help on hair hydration 💥Regain glossy hair The hair mask is suitable for all types of hair inclusive extremely impaired hair, dry hair, split ends, dull hair, perm and dye damage. The natural plant extraction of hair protein - amino acid ratio which is suitable for our hair absorption and makes the hair to get deep and balanced nourishment. The natural plant extraction can help on deeply moisturizing scalp skin, balance the scalp oil secretion, nourish the hair follicle with nutrition. Help to maintain hair naturally healthy and shine. 清逸雅丝洗发露: 温和洁净:泡沫细腻,温和清洁头发丝,清走污垢,油脂,无硅油配方,舒缓头皮刺激,让头皮健康舒适。 丰盈亮泽:配合氨基酸成分,渗透发芯滋养,润泽保湿并改善暗哑,无光泽发色,提升秀发弹性,使秀发丰盈亮泽,呈现健康光泽。 强韧修复:密集修复受损秀发,改善因烫染带来的枯涩,打结,脆弱现象,抚平毛鳞片,使秀发柔顺弹韧。 TST新品净肌固发洗发露: 台湾专利植物元素(密罗木):有效清除头皮屑,控制油脂,防止头皮敏感,清洁毛囊,预防毛囊炎。 天然保湿因子(依兰):萃取自植物干细胞,具有细胞更新再生能力,刺激肌肤活化,再现青春,缓解细胞老化,抗氧化,预防紫外线对肌肤造成伤害。 香蕉花萃取精华:内含虾青素和豆固醇,能够针对头皮炎症缓解发炎现象,改善头皮健康状态。 DEAL OPTIONS Free Meet-Up Mailing + $3.5