Automotive V-Ribbed Belts for alternator, auxiliary, aircon etc.


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Product: Automotive V-Ribbed Belt Brands: Mitsuba, AFA Germany etc. Applications: 1. Automotive(vehicles) - Alternator, Power Steering, Fan, Aircon Compressor, Water Pump, Auxillary, Tensioner Pulley etc. 2. Other uses include office/outdoor/household machinery and tools. - Combines high power transmission capacity of V-belt & flexibility of flat belt to deliver outstanding reliability & performance. Ideal for high-speed rotation with a small pulley. - Superior resistance to oil, heat & wear, resulting in longer operational efficiency. - Excellent tensile strength of cord ensures high horsepower capacity & constant belt tension. - Reinforced rib rubber design minimizes belt vibration at high speed, reducing noise. Available in multiple sizes/specs, starting from $18 onwards. Please indicate your required specs as follows: Number of ribs/Belt Type/Belt Length. For example, 5PK890 or 4PK665. Pre-order required. Lead time of 2-3 days once order is confirmed. Payment Terms: Cash & Carry If interested, simply PM me or call me at +65 8200 4155 to find out more. TAGS automotive v-belts v-ribbed micro-v belts Toyota Honda Nissan Mazda Hyundai Kia Suzuki Mitsubishi Subaru Ford Volvo Mercedes Benz BMW Volkswagen Audi Lexus

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