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✈Awaiting Stock: Brand new Audio Technica MM Cartridge AT3600 with stylus needle for turntable vinyl LP record player phonograph


3 months ago by elaine_pereira








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❌stock is presently unavailable. will update this listing once new stock has arrived. thanks for the overwhelming response ✔"is it available" and "im interested" will be ignored politely 👉#NOTE: is this original audio technica? yes it is. but instead of distribution to audio technica sales, these cartridges are ordered from audio technica mfg, china and distributed to turntable companies such as thorens (TAS-257) and rega (carbon) who rebrand/repaint/repackage it. one of my buyers bought this from me "to test it out" on his rega p6 + schiit mani combination. he msged me a week later and said he needed 4 more to keep as spares mentioning the sound reproduction exceeds the cost by leaps & bounds :) # info courtesy of fellow carousell member. thanks 👉Prices quoted above are fixed and non negotiable. will be ignoring counter offers, bargain/discount requests, impolite/uncouth people and negotiations & ppl curious about my stock inventory 👉Item is available. "is this available" will be politely ignored 👉Rega Carbon, Thorens TAS-257, Stanton N300 and Music Hall Melody are actually rebadged and repackaged versions of the AT3600. many users done an A/B comparison between the at3600 and the rega carbon by using sound charting software and reported both have identical sound quality and ranges 👉comes with stylus guard & a pair of allen key type screws, nylon washers and nuts packed & shipped to me in clear transparent plastic box/container . no manual, colourful box, leadwires, headshell, free records or warranty certificate. Please refer to Pic 3 & 4 for connection diagram 👉100% brand new. 👉Against fussy buyers/nitpickers/attitude prob people/rude people/fickle minded decision makers - Please stay away or you will be blocked ☢Please read the important info below before hitting the chat/make offer button. I will not respond to queries if info has already been presented below as well as in the meetup subsection. thanks ✅Meet up at my void deck at Bedok north road or tanah merah mrt stn ticket gantry ✅Cash terms only please. ✅Prices are fixed. No further/bundled discounts possible ✅Sold in as is condition ❌No returns/refunds/exchanges/guarantee after sale ❌Dead offerors will be blocked ❌Not suitable for fussy buyers ❌Not suitable for nitpickers. ❌You may make an offer but I will only accept after meet up due to "offer for fun" cases. ❌No reservations. If you wish to collect at a later date, please do a funds transfer for full amount via local bank trans or DBS Paylah. thanks ❌Rude/annoying/idiotic/irritating people will be blocked Features: About this cartridge: AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-3600 AT 3600 AT3600 INDUSTRY STANDARD PHONO CARTRIDGE The Audio-Technica AT3600 is probably the most ubiquitous cartridge in the world. Yet it is relatively unknown by its real model name. Why? Because it is private labeled. It is used by many turntable name brands as their cartridge of choice for a pre-installed cartridge. It's no wonder. The Audio Technica AT3600 has been time tested and proven by decades of actual use for quality, durability, cost-effectiveness and fine sound. Technical data: Type: Moving Magnet; Fixing: Half-inch mount; Amplifier-connection: Phono MM • Stylus: 0.6mm Conical Bonded Diamond tip; Cantilever: Carbon fibre round tube; Tracking Force: 2.5 - 3.5 grams • Output Level: 3.5mV @ 1kHz 5cm/sec. @ 1Khz; Frequency Range: 20 - 20Khz; Load Impedance: 47K ohm • Channel Balance: 1.5 dB; Channel Seperation: 20dB @ 1Khz & 15dB @ 10Khz • 2cm (H) x 3cm (L) x 1.6cm (W); Weight: 5,7g tags: tags: technical pro-ject thorens td160 lenco l75 project debut carbon rega linn lp12 sondek audio-technica technics sl-1200 sl-1200mk3 sl1200 Stanton eon music hall schiit mani nad reloop numark pioneer vestax denon crosley nagaoka mp-110 mp-200 mp-500 cartridge needle tonearm shure m97xe grado black green ortofon 2m red goldring elektra elan at440mla sl1200 head shell mount Type: Others Brand: Audio Technica Special Features: For Home Entertainment, For Audiophiles, For Djs Type: Others Brand: Audio Technica

audio technica


For Home Entertainment, For Audiophiles, For Djs

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alfclausenan excellent seller. multiple deals done already. more
3 hours ago
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elaine_pereirathank you for the kind words bro. appreciate it very much
jeancsilva74Great deal.... sincere seller
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elaine_pereirathank you for the +ve feedback😀😁😎✨✨✨🥇🏆