Award winning Story Books in Chinese, Some Bilingual Or Hanyu Piyin, Paperback


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Award-winning & famous story books in Chinese. *Note that these Chinese versions are thinner than the English ones in my other listing. For first 6 books: $24 For subsequent books: $3.50 each For 20 books: $59.90 ($13.10 discount) 20+ titles available. All by famous authors from US/UK/Japan/Korea. All text in simplified Chinese characters, paperback and published in China. Some have hanyu pinyin for easier reading. -Paperback approx A4 size. Staple-bound. -For ages 2-9 years. Great for learning Chinese! -$3.99 qxpress, two day courier delivery -free self collect at my unit in punggol -strictly no meet ups, Updated titles 28Sep: 1. The Giving Tree (爱心树), US, 2. Guess How Much I Love You (猜猜我有多爱你), UK, 3. The Gruffalo (咕噜牛), UK, 12 million copies sold 4. Courage (勇气), US, English + Chinese text w/ hanyu pinyin 5. sold out 6. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? (棕色的熊,棕色的熊,你在看什么?) US, Eric Carle, English + Chinese 7. Sold out 8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar (好饿的毛毛虫), US, Eric Carle, 9. Little Mouse Wants an Apple (りんごがたべたいねずみくん / 想吃苹果的鼠小弟), Japan, 10. Who's Hiding? (かくれているのだれ? / 谁藏起来了), Japan, 11. Mom's Mad (妈妈发火了), Korea 12. Mr Seahorse (海马先生), US, Eric Carle 13. Press Here! (点点点), US/France, Interactive Play book, 14. sold out 15. sold out, 16. Frederick (田鼠阿佛), US, 17. No, David! (大卫,不可以), US, Caldecott Honor (most distinguished American picture book for children), 18. sold out 19. My Mum ((我妈妈) UK, 20. My Dad (我妈妈 + 我爸爸), UK, 21. Giraffes cant dance (长颈鹿不会跳舞) 22. Olivia (奥莉薇) 23. It's Mine (这是我的) 24. Inch by Inch (一寸虫) 25. Colour of His Own (自己的颜色)