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B.E.2518 Phra Rod Mahawan in big imprint Batch: Blessing in India From: Wat Mahawan, Lumpoon province


9 months ago by hoki_amulet88








Material: this Phra Rod Mahawan amulet created from many holy powders such as holy powder from 108 top monks around Thailand, old Phra Rod amulets, soil from 4 important Buddhism Places in India. Origin: Thailand Year: B.E.2518 (C.E.1975) Purpose for Making: The temple has been made amulets that require donation of money for developing the temple.  Ceremony: there were top monks around Thailand joined to bless at Wat Mahawan on auspicious day. Moreover, this Phra Rod Mahawan amulet was blessed in India too.  Power: Thais believe Phra Rod amulet is one great powerful amulet in Thailand that can bring wealth, good fortune and progression to worshiper. Moreover, this powerful Buddha amulet is the best of harm protection.  Presented: in the back of Buddha amulet has the name of temple stamp for protect faked amulet.  The history of Wat Mahawan: Once upon a time, around B.E.1200 at that time Muang Lumpoon or Haripoonchai Nakorn was not the same as the present days. There are two Lersi, one called Vasuthep Lersi and Sukkathanta Lersi wanted to build a new city at the branch of River Ping. And invited Phra Nang Jammathevee to be the King with growth, this Wat spread to five Maha Viharn that are five places: 1. Wat Aranyikkrammaram located in the east, now they called Wat Don Kaew. 2. Wat Moon karam located in the south, now they called Wat Rommaneeyaram. 3. Wat Arphattharam located in the north, now they called Wat Phra Kong Lersi. 4. Wat MahaLadaram located in the south, now they called Wat Sangkaram or Wat Pratoo Li. 5. Wat Mahavanaram located in the west, now they called Wat Mahawan. For Wat Mahawan is the royal Aaram of Phra Nang Jao Jammathevee located in the west side of Lumpoon city. Wat Mahawan has 5 rais and 62 wah, far from the Lumpoon city about 70 metres. The former they called Wat Mahawanaram, built in B.E. 1200 in the reign of Phra Nang Jao Jammathevee. This temple is developed respectively. Until the Phaya Sapphasit, the son of Phaya Rod Raj. Phaya Sapphasit had to be an ordained and lived in this temple around B.E. 1620 that has been rebuilt the pagoda and built Phra Phuttharoop and they called Wat Mahawan as that time. So, Wat Mahawan is developed until B.E. 2365, there is Intarapiksu is an abbot and until B.E. 2394 in the reign of Phra Kru Ba Upanan is the head abbot, he and his relative, Mae Thao Ruen Kham to help adjust the ground floor of the temple and develop for building U-bosoth, Viharn and call Wat Mahawan again. At the place of Wat Mahawan, there are the old precious things in the pagoda and they are found Phra Rod Luang or other people called “Mae Phra Rod”. Phra Rod Luang is the sand stone that was carved with width 17 inches and height 16 inches, located at the glass altar before the Phra Prathan with ivory covered it. Anyway, there are many sizes of Phra Rod such as Phra Rod Luang is as big as the Phra Kong that has the same size of a thumb until the smallest as Bai MaKham.  They have many colours such as dark red, red, Dok Jumpa colour, gray and black. Everykind has the same of Nue Din. But there are many types and Pims from digging 

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saltedveggieV steady bro. Came down and meet to deal. Highly more
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