B9S Modded Pikachu New 3DS LL (BNIB) Stock Clearance


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Updated: 18th Aug 2017 No Nego Basic set with no accessories etc is $310 This is a Japanese Set Limited Sets Available!!! Basic set with no accessories etc No warranty and region changed to USA Accessories Package (Top Up $60) Gold Plated/Black USB Charging Cable 64gb MicroSD Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD Card Reader Screen Protector TPU Case Pouch (4 Colours choose 1 only) R4i + 4GB (For NDS Games) 100 Themes Installed 58 Games Installed Game List - http://pastebin.com/G0f4Tv0Q Can download games on your on This set is B9S modded with a faster and 100% boot rate. Whats included? (Basic Set) Luma3DS Custom Firmware Installed Pikachu N3DS XL Console BNIB (Brand New In Box) (Warranty till Nov 2017) Maxsoft Local Set Bought on 25/11/2016 Just to mod 4GB MicroSD Card Receipt Original Box & Manuals Freeshop Installed Can download games on your on Physical Condition 10/10 Working Condition 10/10 Things possible with Custom Firmware: Free 3DS Games (Any Region, able to play online no ban) Free DLCs Free GBA Games Free GBC Games Free NES Games Free Themes Enable R4 Cards for the NDSL on 3DS Region Swap (e.g. JAP to US Region) Pm for more info. Tags: cfw modify modified jailbreak hack emunand reinand gateway rxtools n3ds new firm ware hacked psvita vita ps arm9loaderhax arm 9 loader hax arm9 loaderhax aureinand cakesfw luma pkhex x generation shanli shanli90 slslasher Boot9strap bootstrap9 bs9 b9s a9lh