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It is now Instock Again!!! Faster grab yours now!!! While stock lasts!!! Size: 30ml Expiry date: August 2018. Stock: 10/15 left In the past, my face is really worse , covered with pimples, it is not those small ones but the big and painful ones. It is really upset and i keep staying at home to avoid going out afraid people might look at my "face". Now i have been using this for a year when i have severe and painful pimples,so far so good. :) Once you discovered that you have a pimple quickly dab the solution on the affected areas using cotton wool, few days later, you will less swollen and red, it starts to heal and you will be happy with the result. Please be more thrifty while using this as applying too much will cause dryness or peeling of the skin and also to be honest, it is quite costly. But for the sake of achieving clear skin, no choice but to spend on it. Just my advice to users , This is my personal experience, i am not very sure about others. If you are interested in the Gel type, feel free to PM me anytime, i will be more than happy to answer to your queries. i used this product myself, i will be able to tell you more. Clindamycin are able to kill germs,reduce the swollen acne ,effectively get rid of dirt and sweat,oil from deep within. i am also selling acne clear skin products package consists of a purifying oil free cleanser, Dalacin T Gel or lotion type and mycin T3. #Dalacin T#skincare#acne#skin problems#face#troubled skin#pimples#clear skin#anti-bacteria#

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