Back To School : Free Ring Files And Folders


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Final school term starting. Study hard and get good results and go to good school good uni and then find a good job in a big company... and then when you start to apply for jobs realised all is contract roles and doing paper work admin task receptionist and personal assistant...etc such. Where are all the good jobs? Sad to say even you landed in a good well paying job, you can only go that far in corporate ladders, singaporean very seldom can reach top 2 tiers of big mncs organisations. The reasons only you yourself can find out when you reach a certain stage and tried and failed. And start to awakened. This is Singapore. Anyway...back to my items.... Free free. Take and go and don't ask any question which you can self answer. Don't ask me about jobs. I stay in yew tee. Those strive for good academic results = job, routine, regular, servant or scholars who never hands on. Everything google paper theory, closed. Those dropped out from school or result so so = career, exciting, variable, business, entrepreneur, hands on, practical, open.