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Badminton Training for Children in Bukit Batok Weekend Sunday 2017


11 months ago by stba2007




Become a coach really difficult now ,still need to do marketing.ha..ha..anyway just want to let everyone know i am open new intake for 2017 in July for my academy. Fresh Student ( Fresh Beginner ) age 5 to 11. Venue : Swiss Cottage Secondary School Weekdays - Every Sunday Group size : Maximum 4 student per classes. Time: Morning This lesson is look for children who are really interested in badminton at this age (5 to 11) to build their proper basic development from upper body and lower body. So in future they can learn all skill smoothly instead bad habit. So this kid will have their bright future. For those like they not interested but have to come join for training due to force by parents. Or parent like badminton but the kid don't like badminton training. Parents please don't bring here . Bring to those coach who are need money can close one eyes let your kid join one. I can't stand for myself if the kid never learn a lot thing from me and did any single mistake in my eyes. Some people might don't know how important is the basic skill development. Not simple look for a coach then your kid can improve like professional play. Every coach has their individual strong point. Don't spoil your kid future,i understand as a parent everyone need their kid be good better than other. Whoever saw my coaching training they properly understand. Why? If the kid really keen to learn ,no matter how troublesome 'how stupid' how blur they are i still will keep them in my group. Sorry for my words, i am those straight person. Because if the kid love badminton and was their interested why not ? I don't mind spend my time to teach them explain to them inch by inches as long as i still alive,i can wait them to become a good player because i love badminton too. But in my group all student mostly 2 years are quit good in basic skill already so far. Heng ah Thank you god. So for kid who are force by parent or some other reason what can i do for them ?You buy my time you have to show your effort otherwise look for other coach. Hope your kindly understanding. If your kid really like badminton ,contact me. If not,save your time don't need to search here and there , ask for price in the end actually the kid don't like. Wasted. Let them do and choose what they like in sport. If the kid like or don't like we can see after 1 or 2 months during the training. If found that your kid are not interested ,we will inform parent ask to quit. So both of us can save time and happy that because at least we find out the kid don't like this sport. You also can refer training video to decide : Official Location : Website : Tags: badminton training singapore ,badminton training singapore east ,badminton coach singapore ,badminton course singapore ,badminton coach singapore east ,badminton coach singapore west ,badminton training course singapore ,badminton training school singapore ,badminton training centre singapore ,badminton training program singapore ,badminton training academy in singapore ,ST Badminton Academy ,singapore badminton training ,badminton coaching buona vista ,badminton academy singapore ,badminton training academy in singapore ,singapore badminton academy ,junior sports academy singapore badminton ,adult badminton training ,adult badminton lesson ,adult badminton classes.bukit batok badminton training ,bukit batok badminton court ,bukit batok badminton club ,bukit batok badminton shop,kid badminton training ,badminton class for kid ,badminton classes for kids ,badminton classes for kids,children badminton training

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