Balance : items on the table. Sold Stylish Sewing machine table stand


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8328 8325 Give me your number Flying man brand Conversation piece in your house! Home decor With socket underneath IKEA solid wood Pic 2 : White antique boxy handbag Great for display PICARD brand 💲20 Pic 3 : Working Antique house phone $28 negotiable Beautiful crystal like pattern heavy base vase $4 Ht 20 cm 10 cm diameter With almost scallop like rims New Flowers $2.50 Authentic Hello Kitty tote bag $15 nego By Sanrio Cotton ❌ not plastic ! Base is white ! Pic 4 : IKEA wooden piece ❌ not chipboard which cannot withstand water! Tryggve Size shown # vintage / antique / retro decor # shop display # collectible

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