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(Weekly promo: 5th - 12th June 2017) - Protect the important parts of your new MacBook Pro (with touchbar) What you're paying for - 1x Keyboard guard - 1x Touchbar guard - 1x Dust plug set (transparent) Only @ $15, no point paying more at retail outlets or other Carousellers as we are literally selling the same thing. Alternatively, you can get them separately at - $6.50 for the Keyboard guard - $7.90 for the Touchbar guard - $3.90 for the dustplug set *special bundles for preorders with hardcases, screen protectors, Trackpad Guards and dustplugs available, PM me for more info :) Tags: macbook MAC book pro 15 inch 13 inch touch bar dust covers dust plugs touchbar protectors touch bar protectors touch bar guard touch bar stickers 12 13 15 inch 12" 13" 15" wrist guard wristguard halfguard fullguard full guard Apple lightning c-type port c type port MacBook Pro MacBook Air macbook

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