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BB Plus胶原蛋白 (适合糖尿病患者饮用) 7个美容效果: 1. 拥有更明亮及光泽的肌肤 2. 改善皮肤的紧致度和弹性 3. 促进肌肤的光滑度和柔软度 4. 改善肌肤的水分含量 5. 抚平细纹和皱纹 6. 促进肌肤愈合及修复细胞 7. 减少阳光对皮肤所造成的伤害 BB Plus如何运作? 三重模式的作用: 1. 修复 - 促进微型洁净,补充及修复受损或薄弱的胶原蛋白网络 2. 重建 - 通过抗氧化,可加强及保护胶原蛋白网络 3. 更新 - 促进新的胶原蛋白细胞的增生和生长 额外好处: 1. 帮助减少关节的不适: 它能够帮助抑制风湿和关节炎所引起的炎症。 2. 无糖且不含胆固醇 : 使用低血糖指数的天然代糖,适合患有糖尿病和心血管疾病的人。 **由于此产品采用全天然的成份生产,所以每一批产品的颜色、味道和质感可能会略有不同。 BB Plus Collagen (Suitable for diabetics) 7 Beauty Effects: 1. Radiant & Brighter complexion 2. Improves skin firmness and elasticity 3. Promotes smoothness and suppleness 4. Improves moisture content of skin 5. Reduces visibility of fine lines and wrinkles 6. Promotes healing & repair 7. Reduces effect from sun damage How does BB Plus works? Triple mode of actions: 1. Repair - Promotes micro cleansing, replenishes collagen peptides to damage or weak collagen network 2. Rebuild - Strengthens and protects collagen network through antioxidant 3. Renew - Promotes growth and production of new collagen cells Extra Benefit 1. Help in reducing discomfort of joints Fish collagen peptide is also a good source of Type II Collagen of which is being found to be predominant component of hyalin cartilage able to help suppress inflammation caused by rheumatism and osteoarthritis. 2. Sugar Free and Cholesterol Free Natural sugar replacer with Low Glycemic Index are used to cater for people with diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. **Color, taste and texture may vary slightly from batch to batch as only all-natural ingredients are used. ============================================= 有兴趣的朋友欢迎您来询问 /If you are interested pls call/sms/whatsapp: 8421 1216 wechat: clev678 or through carousell chat ============================================= #2 #collagen

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