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BB5 Brakepads/ BB5 Brakes/ Dualtron/ Speedway/ Reaihub/ Bicycles


8 months ago by warehousesg_woodlands








specifically designed to fit BB5 brakes, which hopefully isn't news to you. However, you will be stoked to know that Avid brake pads are designed to be quiet and provide fade free performance on long descents. A new pad retention spring is included with the pads. GOLD: $15 Organic/semi-metallic/resin pads are softer and tend to be quieter. They offer more initial bite, but fade faster than metallic pads on longer descents. Do not use organic/semi-metallic/resin pads in wet conditions. Metallic pads last longer, handle heat better, and resist fade better under heavier braking loads, making them good for downhill. In wet conditions, metallic pads are a must. Available in both woodlands and ubi outlet! ✍PM us if you have any questions. 🔎Where to find us? 🗺️ 21 Woodlands close #08-01/02/03 Primz Bizhub S737854 81 UBI Ave 4 #01-29 UB. ONE, S408830 🌐 ☎️ 98337339 (Woodlands) Denis 87870735 (Ubi) William 🕙 Office Hours: Weekdays 12-8pm ,Weekends 12-6pm, PH OFF 💁 Who are we? WAREHOUSE SG is a sub-organisation founded by our main company REAIHUB in 2014. We specialize in electronic scooters, including servicing and maintaining them. We allow trade-in here. We strive to provide the best in all aspects.

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