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Master: Kruba Krissana (Disciple) Year: 2555 Dimensions: 3.0cm by 2.1cm Front: 2x gemstones Back: 2x silver takrut 2x wealth fetching spider with gemstones on it 5x gemstones Purpose for wearing: Change in luck Smooth sailing ⛵️ Good for business 💰 Unexpected windfalls Good for public relations ( Especially for people who do business ) Personally blessed by Kruba and collected from his temple. Kindly view 3rd picture for reference. This piece is pumped by disciple but further blessed by Kruba himself upon collection. Contact: 94577231(call) 92721405(whatsapp) OR Pm us for fast reply. For mailing kindly transfer to: POSB SAVINGS:198-67681-0 Self Collection or Mailing available. Mailing will be additional $4. *All items sold by us are definitely authentic from temples. If proven fake 101% full refund.* One Stop Siam Amulets thanks all viewers for taking the time to read through.🙏🙏🙏 Company Reg No: 53274400D